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Why Plan My Social?

Automated Product Scheduling

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually posting products on social media. Our intelligent AI fetches your products from your store and schedules them.

Flexible Calendars

Create customized calendars to fit your unique posting schedule. Whether you prefer weekly, fortnightly, or monthly posts, we've got you covered.

Brand Hashtags

Boost your brand visibility by easily incorporating branded hashtags into your posts. Let your audience discover and engage with your content effortlessly.

Craft a story, not just posts.

Hook into the potential of social media without the hassle.
Our seamless Shopify integration ensures your products are effortlessly pulled into
our scheduling system, leaving you more time to focus on
what you do best - running your business.

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Our Services

Social Scheduling

Share your products on social media hassle-free. We plan and schedule posts so you can focus on your business.

See What Works

Get insights into your social media performance. Our service helps you understand what's working and how to improve.

Tell Your Story

Turn your posts into stories. We make it easy for you to share the story behind your products.

Never Run Out of Ideas

Stuck on what to post? Our Creative Ideas Hub keeps your content fresh and interesting.

Connect Your Store

Integrate your Shopify store seamlessly. Our AI fetches your products, making posting a breeze.

Boost Your Brand

Use branded hashtags effortlessly. Increase your brand's visibility and connect with your audience on a personal level.

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Plans and Pricing


3 Social Accounts


per month

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6 Social Accounts


per month

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10 Social Accounts


per month

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Every Plan Include

  • Weekly/Monthly posts

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Analytics

  • Hashtag Suggetion

  • Email Support

  • Phone Support (Pro/Premium)

  • Store Branding

  • Image Editor

  • Video Editor (Coming Soon)

  • AI generated posts

  • AI generated captions

  • Social suggestions (Pro/Premium)

How It Works

Follow 1-2-3-4 steps to integrate
shopify with planmysocial.ai

Connect Your Shopify Store

Link your store to planmysocial.ai in just few clicks. Our app fetches your products, and get it ready for scheduling.

AI-Powered Scheduling

Our advanced AI analyzes the posts based on your audience's behavior, ensuring maximum reach and engagement.

Create Your Social Calendar

Select latest product or best selling collections. Generate weekly or monthly calendars with just a few simple steps.

Custom Brand Hashtags

Pump your social media by addming your brand hashtags. Increase brand awareness and reach to your target audience.

Platforms Available


Link your store to planmysocial.ai with a few clicks. Our app securely fetches your products, and get it ready for scheduling.


Connect with your audience on the world's largest social network. Schedule posts, engage with followers, and boost your brand presence effortlessly on Facebook.


Showcase your products visually and tell your brand story through captivating images and videos. PlanMySocial.ai ensures your Instagram feed is always on point.


Curate a visually appealing presence on Pinterest with scheduled pins. PlanMySocial.ai helps you share your products and ideas with a creative and engaged audience.


Strengthen your professional network by scheduling posts and updates on LinkedIn. PlanMySocial.ai makes it easy to maintain an active presence on this business-focused platform.


Ride the wave of short-form videos. Plan and schedule your TikTok content to keep your audience entertained and engaged on this popular platform.

Twitter (Soon)

Join the conversation in real-time. Schedule tweets, share updates, and connect with your audience on this dynamic platform using PlanMySocial.ai.


Level up your video content strategy by scheduling and planning your YouTube uploads. PlanMySocial.ai ensures your videos are shared at optimal times for maximum viewership.

What people say...

Tom W.
Ecommerce Owner
“PlanMySocial.ai has made a significant impact on my small business. The automated scheduling saves me hours each week, and the brand hashtag feature has really boosted our online presence. It's a game-changer!”
Sarrah M
Ecommerce Enthusiast
“As someone deeply invested in e-commerce, PlanMySocial.ai has been a lifesaver. The Shopify integration is seamless, and the ability to schedule posts has allowed me to focus on growing my business. Highly recommended!”
Chris D.
Social Media Manager
“Managing multiple accounts can be daunting, but PlanMySocial.ai has simplified the process. The analytics insights are invaluable, helping me refine our strategy and improve engagement. It's become an essential tool in my toolkit.”

Answers to most common questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect my Shopify store to PlanMySocial.ai?

Connecting your store is easy! Just log in to your PlanMySocial.ai account, go to settings, and follow the simple steps to link your Shopify store.

Can I choose when my posts get scheduled?

Absolutely! With planmysocial.ai, you have full control. You can pick the days and times that work best for you and your audience.

What's the benefit of using brand hashtags?

Brand hashtags help increase your brand's visibility. They make it easier for people to find and engage with your content, boosting your online presence.

How often can I generate a social media calendar?

You can generate a new calendar whenever you like! Whether you prefer a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly schedule, planmysocial.ai is flexible to fit your needs.

Can I see a demo before signing up?

Of course! We offer personalized demos to showcase how planmysocial.ai works and answer any questions you may have. Just book a demo, and we'll walk you through it!

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