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Celebrate Every Win with Our super effective Social Media Marketing Services

You focus on your important tasks, while we automate all your social media posts. Yes, you have heard us right. Manage your social media marketing using this amazing platform. Make the most of the marvels of our social media management tools.

How does it turn out to be of great use to many businesses? Ready to dive in?

  • AI catches every action your users make across your social media accounts

    • Figures out your user preferences. Ensure you implement all real-time suggestions during content creation. It makes website visits, relevant searches and comparisons and offers you the best possible recommendations. It overall recommends when, how and in what manner to post.

    • Survey Questions: Real-Time Feedback throughout content development: How do you find my content? Well, it is good but could be better.

    • Could you tell me why you don’t find it so engaging? You have articulated content and yet have missed basic user requirements like empathy and some interesting real-life examples. So, AI helps you realise your areas of strength and improvement.

    • Is there something we don’t offer, but our competitors do? Yes, if we compare your content with that of your competitors, you need to ensure your content is empathetic, visually appealing (high-resolution images or videos) and contains more high search-volume keywords or appropriate hashtags.

    • Overall, AI observes users’ actions, examines user search history and historical data and carries out market research. In simple words, it fills all the gaps so you can outperform your competitors. 


  • Shopify Social Media Integration: With AI, your website visitors can never leave your website dissatisfied. It not only engages your users but also keeps them retained by keeping an eye on their actions. For example, AI notices some users find a profound interest in motivational and time-saving books. Their frequently repetitive actions make things obvious for the latest technology and so for you as a writer. You can recreate marketing strategies by personalising content. Additionally, you can form a niche cum focus group dedicated to people who love reading encouraging and short books. Later, you can conduct one-on-one interviews to know them deeper or make findings. For instance, how satisfied are you with your last purchase? Does poetry interest you? A customer replied, yes, it does interest me to some extent. You discover the fact that poetry can keep this user sustained too. Is there anything we don’t offer? Yes, books on rent, a user replied. Either discover some facts yourself or hand over the responsibility to AI so you can concentrate on tasks that require a great deal of efficiency. Let AI go out of its way to have customer insights, and you, on the other hand, raise your chances of a high promotion soon.

  • Automate Social Media Posts: you can schedule daily, weekly or monthly posts as you want. We have AI to remind you of all your last day’s customizations. Social media auto-posting saves valuable time or promotes time management. Whether you employ 2, 4 or 8 social media accounts for social media content promotion, our all-in-one app handles it all for you. No point in making switches or dealing with frustrating high page loading time henceforth. Say bye to annoying interruptions with our constructive social media auto posting feature.


Frequently Asked Questions:


How can companies leverage AI in social media marketing?

Well, it benefits users in many ways as follows:

·   Promotes time management by posting social media posts automatically 

·  AI as a suggestor suggests what all your content lacks and makes it good enough to receive many likes, shares and comments. If most viewers find your content great, they may provide backlinks to your site so Google can provide optimal results for a user query. You can determine your areas of strength and improvement with this highly effective technology.


How can one automate social media posts?

With our excellent plan my social have different social media marketing tools, you don’t have to worry about the following processes:

·  Content creation process- provides real-time suggestions that are better suited for your target audience.

·  Social Media posting process- decide whether you want to promote daily, weekly or monthly. Provide all the steps so we can manage the social media content posting part. AI reminds you on your following visit when you leave the site with incomplete information related to social media posting.


Is AI good for social media?

Yes, it really helps you identify the true needs and preferences of your customers by 

·  Conducting daily observations

You make discoveries

·  AI searches for the missing features and main points that your competitors are offering. On the whole, AI ensures every time your buyers or any visitor visit your online store, they have a better experience than the last.


Website Performance: for example, AI does data analyses and informs you. You must add a few new product features to drive much attention. You are the CEO of Quillbot and your competitor is ChatGPT. Why are you losing customers? So, AI highlights the differences so you can introduce them soon to raise website traffic. Differences like: have they added new tools or mentioned any other information related to offers, plans, discounts, etc. that you find different or unique?


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